Property in Limassol, Luxury Business Center in the Prime Location for sale





It is a unique five-storey building with an inner atrium that occupies the entire height of the building, giving it an exceptional splendour.


ALUCOBOND ensures longevity of the surfaces without the need for future maintenance due to high standards that surround it.

It is fire resistant to a safety degree approved (where applicable) in many European countries.

It is resistant to extreme changes in weather conditions that usually take place in our country.

It reduces vibration in such a way that no other soundproofing material is required.

It provides coverage of all services and facilities in Cyprus, like air conditioning pipes at any desired point, telephone system, electronic video installations and computer systems.

The ground floor is a spacious store; it gives an opportunity to be easily split into two spacious stores with separate toilet and kitchen. Its important feature is the absence of columns across this floor and the other floors.

The mezzanine is 2.9 meter above the ground floor; it covers half of the ground floor surface. The

kitchens and toilets of the shop are located in mezzanine and are positioned so as to not be visible

to people and passers-by outside the building.


There are nine storage areas in the basement, two for each floor, the elevator, the staircase and all the necessary machinery rooms.

Six independent office spaces have been created within the building. The atrium located between

the elevator and the offices dominates the building areas giving it a distinctive expression of

activity. Each floor houses two separate office spaces, which can very simply and easily be merged

into one, each floor has two toilets and two-kitchens.


Throughout the building the double-glazing system.


Luxurious elevator cabin with 8 persons capacity and used the latest system type of the noiseless elevation mechanism.

Closed circuit surveillance system that operates continuously day and night. 16 infrared digital SONY CCD cameras have been installed in all common use areas of the building (at the underground parking, at all the four sides of the building, at the external entrance to the building, inside the lobby entrance and at the lobby of each floor). The cameras make 24 hour recording to a permanently installed computer.

Central air conditioning VRV type system of latest technology for energy saving and full comfort.

Central system of ventilation and provision with fresh air for healthier and cleaner environment.

False ceiling on all the floors enable hidden H/M installations and provide flexibility for future rearrangements.

Fire alarm and fire detecting system under the regulations of the Fire Brigade Service.

Modem and functional external illumination for neon light signs and flag poles.

Provision for over 100 phone lines and other facilities from CYTA.

Provision for centralized antenria system, television and satellite reception.

Central music system.

Provision for video entrance system with two stations on each floor.

Provision for anti-theft alarm system.

Control card system for entrance and exit for the underground parking.

Lightning rod on the roof.


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