Limassol Property Whole Modern Building Located In Neapolis for sale





This brand new project will be a tower comprising 5 floors, 8 apartments each consisting of 2 bedrooms, the Penthouse with 3 bedrooms, with a total area of 1265.00 sqm2 including the verandas (3D views are available upon request)

The vision is to create an extraordinary residential building that, through exceptional Architectural design, use of the latest technologies and highest levels of sustainability, will become a landmark on the Limassol Coastline.

The building will be situated in the popular location of Neapolis, on a quiet residential road, surrounded by all amenities and 200 m away from the sea shore. 


LV Distribution

Individual Kwhr meters shall be provided for each apartment and one for the common

areas. One distribution Board shall be installed in each apartment at a location which shall be

agreed with the Engineer.

Burglar and Fire Alarm System

A high quality Burglar and Fire Alarm system shall be installed in each residence

Videophone System

A high quality colour Videophone system shall be provided for each residence with one

entrance outdoor unit in the main entrance door (Level 1) and one indoor unit for each


TV System

TV signal shall be provided in the bedrooms and the sitting area of each apartment.

Sructured Cabling System

Each Residence shall be provided with a structured cabling rack. Structured cabling outlets shall be provided in bedrooms, living / dining and bathrooms including provision for Wi-Fi.

Smart Control System

Wiring accessories

Lightning Protection

The building shall be protected from Lightning strikes with Lightning Protection system.

An Air termination (Early Streamer Emission Lightning conductor) shall be installed on

the roof of the building

Lighting  Fitting

LED Lighting fittings from International Suppliers including  Delta light, Flos, or equal and

approved shall be provided.  Low voltage LED lighting fitting shall be provided externally to landscaped areas where applicable.


Passenger lift (Otis or Kone or similar), 6 persons with 1.0 m/s speed shall be provided.

The car finishes shall be of a high level standard


Currently available for sale