Limassol Property, Exclusive Beach Land for sale




Governor’s Beach is a quiet and one of the most popular coastal areas in the Pentacomo community in the region of Limassol Cyprus. It is a 2 km shoreline with magnificent sandy beaches, white rocks, and deep crystal waters with a blue flag. It is a very popular destination for both locals and tourists. It is ideal for swimming, fishing and walking by the beautiful nature’s paths.

The estate is about 40 km west of Larnaca, 25 km east of Limassol and can be reached by car Via the A1 highway and bus. The area is facilitated with car parking, toilets, showers, changing rooms, sun beds, umbrellas, children’s playground, beach cafes and camping site (Kalymnos). There are also several traditional fist restaurants. The beach also offers access for the disable.

The property is a developing land with available planning permit for mix tourist development and architectural plans.


Basic Details:

Planning Zone Τ1ε: Density 50% (Hotels), Coverage 25%, 3 Floors, 13.10 Height in Meters

3 plots 14.538 sqm (before substraction of Public Road 70 sqm, and Green Area 10% 1446.8 sqm)

Net Plot Area (after green area and public road elimination) 13021 sqm

Max Density 6510 sqm, Max Coverage 3255 sqm


Possibility of increasing Density

Ιncentives for recovering development activity 20% 1302 sqm

Ιncentives for enriching Touristic Developments 5% 325 sqm

Density transfer from listed house 15% 976 sqm

Total building sqm 9113 sqm


Building A – Hotel (Rooms 94, Beds 188)

Basement 105 sqm, Ground Floor 1506 sqm

1st Floor 1173 sqm, 2nd Floor 1068 sqm

3rd Floor 1101 sqm, 4th Floor 1167 sqm

Total Sqm Building A 6120 sqm


Building B – Residential Use Flats 12

Ground Floor 484 sqm

1st Floor 492 sqm, 2nd Floor 492 sqm

3rd Floor 492 sqm, 4th Floor 492 sqm

Total sqm Building B 2452 sqm


3rd Floor 492 sqm, 4th Floor 492 sqm

Total sqm Building B 2452 sqm


Net Covered Area: 8.756 sqm

Land/Plot Area: 14.538 sqm