Limassol Property Modern Business Center With Seaview




Modern business center with offices and retail shops located in a prime location with easy access to the highway, center of the city and sea front.


Architecture drawings submitted for the permit

67 total parking places

4208 m2 Covered Area

399 m2 Roof Terrace

2 Elevators



GROUND FLOOR /Total area: 694– €2.030.000

Lobby -222 m2

Conference area -82 m2

Retail shop -390 m2


Mezzanine/total area: 191 m2

Lobby-51 m2

Retail shop- 140 m2


Total area per floor ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd floor) 730m2

Office Type A- 273.5 m2

Office Type B – 191 m2

Office Type C- 174.5 m2

Common areas: 105 m2


4th  floor:

Office Type A- 273.5 m2

Office Type B – 159 m2

Office Type C- 174.5 m2

Lobby/Common areas: 137 m2


5th floor:

plant area-310 m2

common area-41 m2

roof terrace-399 m2



1st floor-€2.920.000

2nd floor – €3.210.000

3rd floor- €3.535.000

4th floor-€3.900.000