When deciding to purchase from a developer in Cyprus it can be beneficial but at the same time there are many procedures which entail numerous legal and financial issues. Therefore it is advisable to seek assistance and guidance by an expert from choosing the ideal property to the signing of the contracts. Chris Michael Property Group has a team of experts to assist and guide both existing and potential property buyers. Our team are willing to offer services from legal advice, designing and construction of custom made properties, sales of unique properties adjusted to ones needs. Our team in no time will find you the ideal property to purchase within a convenient location either a residential or a commercial property in Limassol.

We also help our customers in getting permission to buy property in Cyprus as well as permanent residence permit in Cyprus (for non-People from Europe).
In order to buy property in Cyprus it is necessary to sign a sale-purchase agreement and deposit it to the District Land Registry Office. Chris Michael’ s team  can provide full information on the procedure, as well as assist the in correct execution of all the necessary documents to avoid any complications.


Due to Cyprus being an all year round holiday attraction there is high demand for rental. Rental market in Cyprus today is one of the most dynamically developing segments of overseas properties. The obvious reason why it attracts visitors to Cyprus may be the climate, but there are so many other reasons like its developed infrastructure, high quality services and comfort level. It is also considered a safe place for someone to spend their vacations, away from any dangers, such as crime and terrorism. Therefore if you have purchased a property and would like to make the most of it by renting it out, but you cannot manage the rental, then we can help you do that:

How can I rent my property in Cyprus?

Chris Michael Property Group takes the responsibility to rent your properties and help you grow profit from your investment either a residential or commercial property.

Once the property has been rented, we may continue and act on behalf of you and provide you with any necessary assistance regarding, like short and long term rentals, collection of monthly rental fee, visits to rental properties as well as collecting payments of common expenses and so on.


We believe that a good service does not end with a sale and therefore apart from our main activity we provide high standards of property management and after sales services to our existing clients. Through our various services Chris Michael Property has set new standards of quality and life comforts.

As the majority of our cliental are over sea property buyers we believe it is essential that the company should provide assistance and guidance to them even if that service should be often offered for free.

Property Management Services include:

  • Taking care of properties, providing effective and safe operations of all the systems and equipment, as well as common areas maintenance and up keeping.
  • Taking responsibility various payments such as common expenses and utility bills’.
  • Keeping records and providing periodic and final statements of an account.
  • Assisting non-English speaking customers when required, for example when purchasing property insurance.